Bill Jones - acclaimed UK folksinger


teacher and workshop leader

Two Year Winter (2003)

Track Listing

1 From My Window 4.02

2 The Holland Mistress 3.47

3 Two Year Winter 3.32

4 Night-Time Jigs 3.52

5 The Story of our Darling Grace 2.46

6 The Lover's Ghost 3.36

7 Hey Away 4.08

8 Lost Chances 3.36

9 Diddling Set 4.06

10 The Two Brothers 3.32

11 The Haymakers 3.31

11 Bide 2.17

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Two Year Winter features a wide variety of traditional British songs, contemporary covers and songs by Bill herself, all stamped with the individual approach and interpretation for which Bill has become well-known.

Two Year Winter is Bill’s third studio album, and the first that she has produced herself. The title track is a heartbreaking song with a beautiful piano and string arrangement, and was written and arranged by Bill and Anne Hills, an American folk singer who is renowned for her collaborative work with many musicians including Tom Paxton and Michael Smith.

The album sits somewhere between Turn to Me and Panchpuran with its mix of arrangements and solo songs. These include The Lover’s Ghost with its jazzy feel and flügelhorn soloing, a world music-flavour on The Story of Our Darling Grace, the delicate instrumentation of Belfast songwriter Eamon Friel’s From My Window, the pounding beat and humour of the folk-rock-inspired Diddling Set, to the intimate piano and voice on Pete Morton’s thought-provoking song The Two Brothers.

Like Bill’s previous CD’s, Two Year Winter was recorded at Brian Bedford's Park Head Studio, and was mixed by Mark Whyles. Musicians featured include Miranda Sykes (Show of Hands), on double bass and harmony vocals, Paul Jayasinha on flügelhorn and 'cello, Stewart Hardy (ex-The John Wright Band) on fiddle, Sarah Wright on flute, Keith Angel (The John Tams Band, The Angel Brothers) on percussion, and David Wood on guitar.) The album was mastered in Nashville and is also distributed to territories outside the UK by Nashville-based Compass Records.