Bill Jones - acclaimed UK folksinger


teacher and workshop leader

Bits & Pieces (2001)

Track Listing

1 The Manchester Angel 3.38

2 What am I Bid? 3.28

3 Riddles from the North 3.32

4 Farewell to Nova Scotia 3.51

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In September 2001 Bill went on a mission back to Brian Bedford's Park Head studio to record a special four track EP. It's called Bits & Pieces, and features three new solo recordings, and one remix of a previously unreleased track from the Panchpuran sessions in January 2001.

The cover photos are from the Panchpuran photoshoot: Panchpuran's cover is based on a photo where Bills hair was tied to the ceiling; the Bits & Pieces photo followed when her hair was finally let down.

What am I Bid? is a song by Brian Bedford, and proved one of Bill's most popular songs.  It was used by Japanese punk/rock band Brahman as the soundtrack to one of their tour videos on Youtube (will post link when I can find it).