Bill Jones - acclaimed UK folksinger


teacher and workshop leader

Panchpuran (2001)

Track Listing

1 William Taylor 4.15

2 The Tale of Tam Lin 5.26

3 The Barley and the Rye 3.54

4 Panchpuran 3.52

5 Silver Whistle & Low Down in the Broom 3.59

6 Rocking the Cradle 4.18

7 The Hexham Lad & The Blackleg Miner 2.59

8 Loving Hannah 5.12

9 Tuney Song Set 4.10

10 Stór Mo Chroí 3.19

11 Goin’ Back 3.20

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Produced by Karen Tweed (The Poozies, Swap), Panchpuran features a wide variety of songs and styles drawn from the folk tradition of the British Isles.

As with Turn to Me, recording took place at Brian Bedford's Park Head Studio. Musicians featured on the CD include Coope, Boyes & Simpson on harmony vocals, Kathryn Tickell on fiddle, Kellie While (E2K, the Albion Band) on harmony vocals, Paul Jayasinha on 'cello and flügelhorn, Keith Angel (The John Tams Band) on percussion, and David Wood on guitar. Also listen out for a brass band from County Durham on one track, and a beautiful Finnish string quartet backing two songs.

 Panchpuran is a Hindi expression that literally means five spices, but is used in the title track, written by Bill, to mean many different things all mixed up together. Not only does this word apply well to the CD and Bill’s musical influences, but also to Bill’s family background: Bill’s Mum is from India, and the song is about the trials of adjusting to life in a country which is not your homeland.



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